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name JuditElias (ip:)
  • date 2016-10-07
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In this review we will cover not only the different models and lines, but also the differences between releases. Yes, because there are substantial differences between the first dragons (produced between 2012 and early 2013) and their same model counterparts (mid. 2013 to nowadays).


Thanks to Vermont Chick on DoA we have spotted a major difference between the Version 1 and Version 2 dragon bodies! The wrists, the ankles and the joint part of the wings is different: in version 1 they are separate pieces while in version 2 they are part of the feet/hand/wing!


Seed was the very first dragon Aileen Doll produced. The first version has small roundish horns and small fangs. The second version's horns are larger and pinecone shaped, while his fangs are now more pronounced. His eyes are also much larger.

Version 1: Limited Seed (Cream White), Limited Sleeping Seed (Cream White).
Version 2: Seed (Light Green), Limited Snow Seed (Snow White), Limited Sleeping Seed (Light Green).


At a first glance, it seems almost no changes are seen in Rot, as her horns and fangs look the same. However, on a closer look you realise, Rot is the one who has changed most! Her profile is completely different and her eyes are slightly bigger.

Version 1: Limited Rot (Cream White).
Version 2: Rot (Indian Pink), Limited Snow Rot (Snow White), Limited Sleeping Rot (Indian Pink), Limited Cherry Blossoms Rot (Snow White).


One who has barely changed is Ashes, who has now a slightly rounder muzzle. Both versions have the frontal horns glued onto the faceplate. Ashes has a Pico version: Pico Baby Ashes.

Version 1: Limited Ashes (Cream White).
Version 2: Ashes (Dark Gray), Limited Snow Ashes (Snow White), Limited Sleeping Ashes (Dark Gray).


For Lapis' first version you could choose between a frontal horn or a purple gem which came already glued in the faceplate. If the dragon was ordered blushed, the horns would come blue colour, while if unblushed, they'd be clear white. If the frontal horn or gem was removed you would see a round socket. The second version’s frontal horn is glued to the faceplate, if removed you would see a bigger triangular socket. Since 2016, second version Lapis have a small magnet on their triangular socket, allowing you to take out the frontal horn with ease. The special edition Snow Lapis came with an optional gem which could be swapped with the horn anytime due to the new magnet system. Lapis has a Pico version: Pico Baby Lapis, whose frontal horn is glued onto the faceplate.

Version 1: Limited Lapis (Cream White).
Version 2: Lapis (Light Blue), Limited Snow Lapis (Snow White).


Shy is the first dragon to not have an older version. He is also unique in many other ways, featuring brand new feather wings and ears, which attach by string to the faceplate and are poseable.

Version 1: Shy (Bright Yellow), Limited Snow Shy (Snow White), Limited Cherry Blossoms Shy (Snow White).


Pico (which means small) Dragons are smaller versions of the Petdoll Dragons. They have magnetic one piece legs and wings, opposed to the two pieces legs and wings that attach with strings of their big counterparts. Their rear horns are part of the headcap and not separate pieces as in the dragons.

Most Pico Dragons come with the extra egg and teat parts. The teat is a resin white teat you can just place in their open mouth. The egg is a small two piece cracked egg, which can be opened. It has a magnet inside and, once you remove the Pico’s legs, you can securely attach the dragon in it.

Pico Dragon: Limited Violet (Violet, Pink and Snow White), Limited Baby Lapis (Light Blue), Limited Baby Ashes (Dark Gray), Limited Baby Rot (Indian Pink).

This concludes our review, thank you for looking! ^_^​

Attachment tuto1.jpg , tuto2.jpg , tuto3.jpg , tuto4.jpg , tuto5.jpg
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